Political Reporter- Simba Moyo

The Movement for Democratic Change parties (MDC-T/N) leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube last week penned a pact to work together as they try to end President Robert Mugabe’s draconian rule, after realising their mistake.

Signing the deal, both leaders admitted they messed up when they parted ways and they confessed that they donated votes to Mugabe’s party by their fall-out in 2005.

Political analysts have hailed the two leaders for burying the hatchet and finding each other, and warned leaders to be aware that the blunders they make can do harm for ages, and even spill into generations.

According to analyst, Alexander Rusero leaders by the virtue of having followers behind them should take a broader picture when they make important decisions that have far reaching implications, as failure to do that may cost generations.

“One of the hallmarks of political blunders is that like the Biblical Cain, it tends to transcend the curse to entire generations to come,” he says.

Tsvangirai and Ncube fell-out in 2005 after they failed to agree on whether to participate on senate elections or not, the fall-out saw the party divided into two.

Another analyst, Elder Mabhunu agrees that leaders should respond to challenges with open minds.

“It is good they are finding each other again. Had the MDC leaders responded to their difference that caused the split then, with open minds, they could have noticed that splitting their party would benefit the enemy at the expense of the people,” he says.

He adds that leaders should always be on the look-out for implications of their moves before acting.

Learnmore Zuze, a law officer once wrote that the unfortunate reality that stalwarts in the opposition cannot sustain support for a single leader long enough to witness change.

He believes if Tendai Biti, Elton Mangoma, Welshman Ncube, and others had stayed put within the party with Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC would have been stronger than it is today, and that the political landscape could have changed for the better by now.

He says opposition should take a cue from ZANU PF, despite having internal fights, the ruling party rallies behind one leader, and call out one name for presidential elections. He believes egotism is doing much harm to the opposition where leaders opt out instead of trying to find a compromise so that the party goes on in unison.