Zimbabwe Newspapers (ZimPapers) management today holds a series of meetings to discuss the burning issue of poor salaries after employees in Bulawayo last week declared incapacitation.

Group General Manager Marks Shayamano and Human Resources Manager Tinotenda Shumba met Bulawayo staffers last week but workers have described the engagement as a futile.

Instead of addressing workers issues, employees said Shayamano and the Bulawayo operations manager Prosper Dube, who also attended the meeting, exhibited the worst kind of arrogance towards their plight.

“The meeting was a waste of time. Shayamano was here just to flex his muscles trying to intimidate workers.

“Dube who is Shayamano’s blue eyed boy was equally arrogant. Shumba was the only one who acted professionally but still could not proffer solutions,” a disgruntled employee said.

The workers have fallen short of accusing management of sabotaging President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF’s electoral campaign by under resourcing the Bulawayo branch which houses the Chronicle, Sunday News, B-Metro and Umthunywa.

“You would think we are no longer State media the way management treats Presidential assignments so casually. They deploy the worst of vehicles for the assignments that break down along the way and leave journalists stranded,” another scribe said.

The workers said Government needs to act fast and deal with the management.

“No one can doubt our commitment to work. The evidence is there for everyone to see. The management is failing to play its part,” said a worker.

They accused Shayamano of treating Bulawayo branch like his fortress.

“In his eyes, we are all his farm boys. He has great disregard for everyone including bosses here. He just does what he wants,” said an employee.

Source Bulawayo24