Media personality Somizi Mhlongo has taken a firm stand against bullying online and in real life.

Somgaga knows a thing or two about being bullied and has taken a stand against those who feel the need to bully and torment others.

Taking to Instagram with a video of a T-shirt with the words ‘I am not bullable, I bully bullies’ on it, the star encouraged others to take a stand.

“Stand up to bullies … it’s worse on these social media streets. And it doesn’t only happen to celebrities … it affects everyone,” Somizi said.

In the video, the star went on to explain the meaning behind the phrase on his T-shirt. He said he hopes to help victims of bullying with the new slogan.

“I woke up one day and I had this tag line; because I’ve realised that so many people are being bullied and I want to help them and empower them and I want them to know that bullies are actually cowards.

“Stand up for yourself and if you are being bullied — break the silence and talk about it. And I said for myself, I’m not bullable, I bully bullies,” he added.

Fans and victims of bullying alike came together to stan Somizi’s latest initiative. Many were digging the tee with the snappy catchphrase Even actress Pearl Thusi, who has experienced cyberbullying in her career, wants a T-shirt when she comes back from shooting overseas in Thailand.

“I deserve this please save it and I’ll get it when I come there,” said Pearl.

The star has been candid about his bullying experiences in the past. In an interview with MetroFM two years ago, the star wished his childhood friend Thabo a happy birthday. He also went on to reveal how Thabo would protect him from homophobia and bullying during their school days.

“He was confident and bold. Thabo would dust you up. If you said anything that was homophobic he would fetch you from class and it was on. I became his friend so that if anyone gave me problems, I would go to Thabo,” he said.

-Times Live