Shudufhadzo Musida has been trending in the news recently after social media cops pointed out that her outfits were too revealing and it appears she does not have anything to do with her life. The trolls have been targeting her posts on Instagram and twitter where they questioned how she appeared in “revealing” bikinis.

A closer look at the hate messages posted online show that most of the critics think the Miss SA model, Shudu Musida, is ‘not doing enough charity work’, nor is she ‘fulfilling the duties of her title’. There are several posts uploaded to Miss SA’s page in the past few weeks, which have rendered some South Africans hot under the collar – and perhaps not in the way one would initially assume.

Another view is that those making the crude comments, themselves, are also idle with their lives and have not much to do apart from poking at other people’s business and trying to bring them down.

Shudu had the last laugh as her fans fought on her corner and reminded the trolls to get lost.

While Shudu’s fans gushed over the gorgeous photoset, some trolls claimed she has no time for “real” problems facing the youth of SA.

Miss SA CEO Stephanie Weil told TshisaLIVE the organisation condemns the cyberbullying and personal attacks Shudu has been facing online. They said the star deserves a rest after being crowned and completing her honours within the last year.


“In response to social media comments about Miss SA posting images of herself in a swimsuit, taken at her apartment on the weekend, we would like to point out Shudu has been on a well-deserved holiday after a whirlwind and demanding timetable following her crowning in October last year, a period in which she also completed her honours in international relations at the University of Witwatersrand.