Brand ambassador Natalie Melody Mhandu aka Natalie Mammi Chloe had a nasty clash with Dr Shingi Munyeza’s family after she confronted his daughter and brother on the phone following social media rumours alleging that she is the disgraced Pastor’s lover.

After a fiery exchange the conversation was cut short when Natalie told Munyeza’s family “I want to thank you for being very selfish may God bless you.”

Natalie had approached the family in a bid to clear her name but things quickly moved from bad to worse when she was told to deal with the sources of the rumour not Munyeza’s family. She then begged them to understand her plight telling them “I am a brand ambassador my contracts have been cancelled and I have been disqualified from Forbes list, I also have a child to look after, am a single mother.”

The family did not give in to her demands and told her that other names like Ruvheneko and Pokello have also been mention but they did not waste their time over social media stories.


shingi muyeza natalie

Shingi Munyeza and wife

Natalie Melody Mhandu aka Natalie Mammi Chloe,

Natalie Melody Mhandu aka Natalie Mammi Chloe,