The late Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love, who was otherwise known as Sauro, amongst a host of other nicknames could have been debatably infamous for his wayward stunts on and off the stage, but there was one thing that made him peculiar: it was his talent.

And, while Sauro is gone, another active player in the showbiz sector, who answers to the same moniker, has entered the arts landscape with a bang!

Like the late Ngwendeza, Sauro shares the same first name with the Ndini Uyauya singer:  he was born Saul Mapfumo some 33 years ago.

The music benefactor is the boss of Razmap Entertainment, an initiative born out of the plight to uplift budding artists in the community.

He has already worked with a number of established artists, notably Jah Signal.

And, like the late Sauro, he has the musical talent, too!

“I am motivated by my late namesake in quite a number of ways. Jah Love left a lasting impact in my life and I always want to perfect my touch to be a better person like he did,” he said.

“I want to ensure that we pluck the youths from the plague of drug abuse so that they realize the fruits of their musical craft,” added the 33-year old crooner and showbiz benefactor.