Dear zwnews I hope i find you well. I just wrote to express my utmost dismay at the Zimbabwean government for threatening parents of students in Russia after the students wrote a formal letter to ask for financial assistance.

I have attached several audios to one’s mother’s son and son (audio 3 & 4), not knowing if she was just panicking dying because they asked for stipends? on record, our government is very poor when it comes to catering for students.

Right now they are sitting on our one year stipend which they are refusing to give us and we are enduring very difficult lives.

Of all the students abroad, those in Russia have the highest living expenses. Life in this country is very expensive and it’s a shame that the gvt is treating us as if we are in the African country where living costs are relatively low.

It seems they instructed these parents to silence their children in exchange for life, they were told to tell their children.

And funny enough the government keeps referring to the stipend they gave us the last year, we’re in the new year now and stipend is not supposed to come at the start of the year, ndozvinozoita kuti vakanzure mari dzedu vachiti gore rapera takukupai yegore nyowani , right now we have a year’s amount of stipenses that they just swept under the carpet using the same tactic.

Now it’s 9 months already since we started the new year and we have nothing, takati tokumbirawo mari vanoti we gave you last year, saka kana ndakadya sadza nezuro andichadyi nhasi here? Matakadya kare haanyaradzi mwana, we need money for living expenses.

These people are really missing hearts and vanoita sevasina kumbozvara. In two months there are some students who are going to graduate and they will even need more money to process their university paperwork, how are they going to handle the situation?

Only God knows.

Our gvt needs to be serious and address the issue.

This year alone there are 2 Zim students who have got home without completing their studies because somehow they have developed mental problems because of the stress that comes with our neglect once we reach foreign land.

And they don ‘ t even bother to address what is causing these problems.

We are very thankful for their idea of ​​sending us out of the world. With all due respect, i think it’s better if the gvt freezes sending more students here because this is really a toxic situation.

Zimbabwean Student In Russia