Stanley Goreraza, first husband to controversial former Zimbabwe first lady, Grace Mugabe, has bemoaned the death and fall of the once powerful Zanu PF.

He went on to say Mr Mugabe will slaughter cows and throw a big party if the youthful MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa, overcomes ED Mnangagwa in 2018 presidential elections.

Here is his full message:

Who can really understand what happened to the once mighty Zanupf ? They won the 2013 elections by a landslide. Before their 5 year mandate was up, they would fire a Vice President, fire another Vice President before eventually firing their once invincible President.

Zanupf would splinter into People first, the National Peoples Party and the National Patriotic Front whose spiritual father is the former President and little known Zanu (without the Pf).

What really went wrong? Mr Mugabe and his adopted son George Charamba are no longer on speaking terms, Didymus Mutasa and Rugare went their own way, Mai Mujuru her own way, Mnangagwa his own direction and Big Poppa Bear Mr Mugabe, his own way.

With the exception of Mnangagwa, the rest are comfortable with an Mdc win. Mr Mugabe would slaughter fat cows and dance to some Rhumba if Nelson Chamisa wins this election. So too would Jonathan Moyo and many others.

The mysterious work of God. Who would have ever thought. The opposition and ordinary Zimbabweans failed to remove Mr Mugabe. Then mysteriously, under 5 years, Zanupf implodes. A mysterious and powerful hand, behind it all.