South Africa’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has said Grace Mugabe’s diplomatic immunity no longer exists. Advocate Hilton Epstein SC, told the Pretoria High Court on Thursday that the minister accepts that Grace no longer has protection. Epstein however added saying the minister did not confer diplomatic immunity on Zimbabwe’s former first lady arguing that she already had it thus the minister could not give her something she already had.

 This all came as the South African model Gabriella Engels who was assaulted by Grace said she hoped Mrs Mugabe will be brought back to  South Africa to face justice.
 Engels, who opened assault charges against Mugabe in 2017, on Thursday said she was leaving everything in God’s hands.

“I hope she does come back to account,” said Engels.

“I leave everything now in God’s hands and I know that he will get us through everything.”

Gabriella said this while speaking to journalists as she walked into the packed courtroom at the High Court in Pretoria where Mugabe’s diplomatic immunity is being challenged.

Gabriella was accompanied by her mother Debbie Engels, who expressed optimism that justice would prevail.

“I’m very optimistic. Very, very optimistic. I’m happy that the ball has started rolling and we have a good legal team that is backing us, so we are optimistic that things will go well,” said Debbie.