The ruling on renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono’s application to have charges levelled against him dropped has been withheld as the magistrate reportedly blamed lack of electricity.

Chin’ono says his case has since been postponed to Monday.

“The ruling has been postponed to Monday the 21st of November at 11.15 am.

“Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa said that she couldn’t deliver the ruling because the magistrates building has no electricity.

“I was charged in a case where I exposed corruption involving Henrietta Rushwaya,” he says.

Earlier on Chin’ono had posted: “Today I am in court to get a ruling on an application to have my charges for exposing corruption thrown out, because they are based on a lie that I talked about a case which was pending before the courts, there was NO such case.

“It is an embarrassment to even try me on a lie!”

Chin’ono who has been known for exposing high level corruption has been in and out of prison for various allegations related to his job.