Half a million chairs were filled by people who thronged the Night of Turnaround 6 on Friday with some people occupying the overflow space.

People started to gather on the eve of the event at the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries premises where the worshipers thronged to occupy an open space across Mukuvisi River into Highfiled.

Prophet Magaya assured people that next year the annual prayer meeting will be held on a bigger venue.

“I want to thank my God with his love to such a big crowd he allowed to meet today for their deliverance,” said Prophet Magaya.

“This place of liberty is now too small to accommodate such a crowd and I want to assure you that our next Night of Turnaround will be held at another bigger place,” said Prophet Magaya.

He took time to teach and pray for the sick and a number of people claimed they received their healing with some surrendering wheel chairs and crutches.