President Emmerson Mnangagwa has implored all Zimbabweans to work hard and in unity so that the country would prosper this coming year.

The President says he is hopeful that the country will do better, reclaim its lost glory and enjoy the good green olden days by the river.

“In 2021, let us work our land, let us be the bread basket we used to be. I am certain that only maintaining our unity as a people of this nation will take us into the promised land,” he says.

He says all the country needs to excel is a collective vision.

“My hope is firmly anchored in Zimbabweans. I am certain that our collective action and shared vision can lead us to prosperity. Over and above everything, we need to thank the Almighty for opening up the heavens,” he adds.

Writing on his microblog Twitter handle, Mnangagwa said despite the challenges the country faced in 2021, Zimbabweans conducted themselves in a dignified manner:

“In spite of all this, you, the people of Zimbabwe, have conducted yourselves with dignity amidst these challenging times.

“Even in the face of quarantines, lockdowns and serious restrictions to our daily liberties, the hope and optimism of the Zimbabwean people prevailed.”