Police target street money changers, Blame Govt Forex dealers


Zimbabwean police has launched a witch hunt targeting street money changers and companies supplying and hoarding cash on the black market.

Today hundreds of these street money changers were arrested in most cities and towns across the country.

The feared Central Intelligence Officers also released a list of some of the forex dealers in various cities.

A money changer from Bulawayo who pleaded for anonymity confirmed the arrests.

“Yes police today launched an operation against us and some of our colleagues were detained in a pickup truck before being ordered to pay a bribe for their release.

“There were ordered to stay away from the streets until the operation ends,” said the source.

The source added that the scenario was witnessed across other cities and towns.

“Colleagues from our whatsapp group which has money changers from Kwekwe, Harare, Masvingo, Chinhoyi also said the operation targeted them.”

The operation has been widely criticised as police are dilly darling on the arrests, as most of the money changers are working for the country’s well known top Government tycoons.

A police officer said the operation was a waste of time.

“Government officials want to fool around the people by ordering us to do an operation targeting these money changers when they themselves are supplying the money on the streets,” said the police officer who also pleaded for anonymity for fear of victimisation.

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