Tobacco farmers demand money in US Dollar notes


Tobacco growers are now demanding that they receive their payments in the united states dollars only not in bond notes or electronic payments.

The growers of the golden leaf are arguing that tobacco buyers are receiving foreign currency when they trade outside yet depriving them of the greenback.

A farmer Tafadzwa Ngobani said the current US Dollar notes they were being given are close to peanuts.

“Out of $30 000 we might only get $300  and the rest being transferred into our bank accounts. With the rate at which the bond notes are falling on the market we are demanding payment in US Dollar only,” he said.

Martha Hebede said the situation should be a win, win for all the involved parties.

“If farmers are to increase production then they need full support including receiving incentives. The scenario where our modes of payment varies from US Dollar to bond notes or even electronic payment is demotivating us now,” she said.

Zimbabwe Leaf Tobacco, the largest local buyer was not readily available for comments.

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