Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has blasted the Parliament of Zimbabwe, cabinet for allowing corruption accused ZANU-PF legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena to travel outside the country.

Mliswa says this an embarrassment to the nation adding that his respect for Parliament is gone.

“This is an embarrassment of the highest order. I used to have respect for the institution of Parliament, for the Gvt, for ZANU-PF, for the judiciary. It has gone! This is a naked insult,” he says.

He adds:

“When an institution cannot respect itself to have standards& principles how can anyone else respect it?

“Wadyajena has a blatant case of corruption for over US$5 million and the prosecutor doesn’t even oppose bail! How did Cabinet also approve his trip outside the country?”

Mliswa says it is now clear that many more high ranked officials are involved and are scared that Wadyajena will leak information.

“It is in such cases that we should see the political resolve to deal with corruption. He shouldn’t be allowed to leave the country,” adds Mliswa.

His comments comes after the magistrate court today released Wadyajena’s passport and relaxed his bail conditions.

Wadyajena was recently arrested on allegations of corruption involving US$5 million, but he was set free on bail.