Diplomatic relations between Zimbabwe and South Africa has gone sour as President Cyril Ramaphisa defended MEC of Limpopo Phophi Ramathuba who embarrassed a Zimbabwean patient.

This came after Ramathuba outbursted towards a Zimbabwean patient who was seeking medical assistance in the country.

Her statement was to the effect that Zimbabweans should not flock to South Africa for health care burdening her country.

Meanwhile, following the incident, the Zimbabwean Embassy in Pretoria complained to the SA government.

However in response to the letter, Ramaphosa defended the MEC implying that her statement was eye opener in some way.

President Ramaphosa said Limpopo MEC of Health Dr Ramathuba has raised important issues in relation to immigration and the ability of the State to deliver service to South Africans.

Meanwhile, ZBC reports that the ruling party ZANU PF has urged Zimbabweans in SA to return home.