Ousted Tinashe Kambarami has just been reinstated as Ward 3 Councillor and Bulawayo Deputy Mayor by the Bulawayo High Court Judge Justice Martin Makonese.

The decision comes after a legal battle between City of Bulawayo and Kambarami for almost 3 years.

Kambarami was ousted following his suspension from local authority activities over a theft case.

Kambarami filed an appeal against his suspension and the Supreme Court set aside the lower court’s decision to nullify his election as a councilor and deputy mayor.

Kambarami confirmed his re-instatement: “I have been reinstated. As you know I had quite a number of applications following the Supreme Court judgment that was passed last year which basically set aside the nullification of my election as Ward 3 councillor and deputy mayor of the City of Bulawayo by Chief Justice (Thompson) Mabhikwa.

“I had to appeal against that before the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Mabhikwa’s judgment was set aside. Following that, I had to go back to council where I faced resistance. The council denied me access to my office and resuming my duties as a councilor and deputy mayor.

“I then approached the court for a declaratur and sometime early this year before we had by elections I had to approach the court. I had an urgent application which had to stop the Nomination Court for the Ward 3 by-election.

“After that, we had to wait for the outcome of the declaratur. We received the outcome today. I have been reinstated as councilor for Ward 3 and deputy mayor for the City of Bulawayo.”