Renowned investigative journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono and ZANU PF Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu have locked horns in a twitter war.

Chin’ono attracted Mpofu’s wrath when he posted that he approached the US Embassy for clarity after having his US$100 note rejected in a certain shop. He said the teller told him that management ordered them not to accept the US$100 note.

The journalist said he then asked the U.S. Ambassador, who told him: “It is legal. All US currency issued since 1914 remains legal, if more than 50% of the bill exists and the denomination is legible.”

Meanwhile, the idea that Chin’ono said he has access to foreign embassies especially US Embassy did not go down well with Mpofu who described the diplomatic mission as hostile and he posted:

“Mazvinzvira mega ka! ini zii semunhu anonamata. Confirmed that he has this unfettered access to hostile embassies, but denies that he is remote-controlled by pro-sanctions regimes of this world kkkkk. Happy Sabbath Comrades.”

Loosely translated: (You heard it from the horse’s mouth. He has confirmed that he has access to hostile embassies. But he denies that he is remote-controlled by pro-sanctions regimes of this world.)

However, in response Chin’ono said he doesn’t only have access to European embassies, but to African leaders too, and therefore he shouldn’t viewed with Mpofu’s telescope.

Chin’ono went on to label Mpofu corrupt who has caused untold suffering to Zimbabweans through looting public funds meant development.

Meanwhile, some traders in Zimbabwe are rejecting the US$100 note. Others are rejecting the note depending with the date it was issued.

However, the US government through its Embassy in Harare maintains that all US$100 notes are legal tenders regardless of when they were issued.