Below is a satire story about ‘Limpopo brothers’ that first appeared in a South African online publication, Mzansi. does not usually publish stories of this nature BUT we decided to have it here after it went viral and set the social media on fire.

South Africa: A family from Limpopo is mourning the death of three sons who took unimaginable risk to cure an embarrassing family problem, they wrestled a river monster and got killed, as reported by a South African online publication mzansi life.

The quest to become bedroom warriors turned into tragedy after a Limpopo family lost three sons in a crocodile attack. A family known for its bedroom curse of failing to perform when it matters most (during intercourse) fell in deadly jaws of the strongest reptile after a Sangoma gave them muthi and instructed them to go and rape a female crocodile.

The old aged weeping father who lost three sons during the ritual reveals that the muthi was supposed to act as a shield that weakens the reptiles after being dissolved in stagnant water to make it easy for his boys to catch and complete the ritual by taking turns to rape a crocodile.

Circumstances leading to the attack by other crocodiles could not be explained but it is alleged that some of the crocs got resistant to the muthi thus they were not weakened as supposed to be.

A family member claims that they trusted the sangoma since he is known for treating such manhood problems and has a history of successful rituals as testified by other clients.

“This is a loss to the family, the boys made a brave choice, the married ones needed to save their marriages, the divorce rate in the family was just too high leading to the decision to undertake the ritual.  As men, marriages are strengthened in the bedroom during intercourse but my cousins had problems with their manhoods

We lost precious lives and we are weeping. As a tradition we can’t question the sangoma but only to accept the outcome,” he said.

Limpopo political leadership discourages dangerous traditional practices, they encouraged citizens to consider safety first and to reject dangerous rituals.

Two bodies of the deceased were recovered unfortunately the hungry reptiles had already descended on the other body.