Charles Mabhena

Mugabe’s ZANU-PF regime is soon to crumble like the walls of Jericho in 2018, says People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Tendai Biti.

Biti said the CODE offers the best chance for the opposition parties to boot out Robert Mugabe and his party.

Speaking at his party singing to be part of the Coalition of Democrats (CODE), Biti said the political atmosphere prevailing in the country is destined to remove Mugabe and his party out of power.

He said the opposition should apply equal force to ZANU-PF is using, “We have to fight this regime in the streets, in courts in churches,” he said.” We are coming for you ZANU-PF. Coming for your wives, your children.”

Biti said, “We are not asking for too much what we are asking is what is in our constitution.”   

Turning to CODE confederacy Biti said, “This is a coalition that is not in competition with anyone, an alliance that is going to treat everyone equal to each. That shares the same values.”

Biti said ZANU-PF has reduced this country to a war zone with people fighting each other

The joining of PDP has brought the CODE alliance to nine in number.

“We are still calling for like-minded people to join the coalition,” said Farai Ndira.

“The likes of Morgan Tsvangirai, Joyce Mujuru and Jacob Ngarivhume are still welcome to join CODE. Everyone’s voice count,” added Ndira who is the chairperson of CODE.