Fungayi Moyana

In a development that has left a lot of Zimbabwean locals struggling to get proper medication especially in Chiredzi,  there is an alarming influx of Mozambicans crossing over the border to Zimbabwe to get medical services.

Thousands of Mozambicans nicknamed ‘Moskens’ mostly from Gaza near the Sango Border post are reported to be flocking to Zimbabwe to seek treatment for Malaria.

Due to the recent floods in both Mozambique and Zimbabwe a lot of Mozambicans from Dumela, Sango and Madzanda are flooding to Dumisa, Samu and Malipati clinics in Chiredzi.

Speaking to the press, Matilda Mokutu(not real name) emphasized that the clinics are overcrowded due to the influx of Mozambicans and local people are suffering and facing shortage of medication in this malaria outbreak.

17 malaria deaths related have been reported so far in areas of Chiredzi and Masvingo.

It is alleged that most of the ‘health tourists’ have access to the South African Rand currency making it is easy for them to cross to the Zimbabwean side after bribing the police and immigration officers.

As this new trend continues, most of them are reportedly relocating to Chiredzi with their families after they get medical treatment and many schools in Chiredzi are reporting an increase in Mozambican nationals enrolling.