Kelvin Kasiwulaya

Gweru’s popular Zimdancehall artist Legion is in hot soup after his girlfriend recently got hold of Whatsapp chats exposing him of an extra love affair with her best friend before proceeding to delete his latest album set for release soon.

Legion’s girlfriend Bibiana who also happens to the musician’s manager recently revealed that she found astounding evidence that legion was cheating with her friend Miriam Mare.

After finding the shocking Whatsapp chats, Bibiana got frustrated and deleted all the copies of legion’s new album dubbed “Ninja Rechibhanditi” and left some tracks that were recorded by Sunshine and Dj Tamuka.

Since Bibiana is legion’s manager, she had access to his music files, but she then left one copy in her flash drive and is holding  it as leverage to make legion to make Legion and Miriam come out and confess before the album is released.

Part of the chats from Bibiana reads, “… makaita kuZvish dats my qxnusandidzerufsha m talking to you nicely ndipinduremushe and see if l don’t leave you alone.”

Mare in response says, “uuumm Bibiana wakuzondiconfuser manje bvunza imbwa yako becoz ukaramba uchinditongesa ndakuzokublocker…”

The chat ends with Bibiana saying, “Bhowangu block me if u want regandibvunzeimbwayangu like u said but ugare uchiziva wakaita chimha***”

Just like Stunner and Olinda’s stunt, the duo went on Facebook where they posted their drama.

Part of Bibiana’s post reads, “As it has appeared to everyone out there that Legion’s much awaited album Ninja rechibanditi has not yet been released. Many of you are wondering why this is so.

“As Legion’s former manager and girlfriend l’d like to let you know that l have the only flash that holds this album and l have deleted every other copies except the songs done by Sunshine and DjTamuka.

“Recently it came to my attention that there seems to have been acts of immorality between Legion and my best friend Miriam.Only until Legion and Miriam come out in the clean about what happened between them l will not release the album for launch…

“I am sorry to all the fans out there waiting for the album but my question to Legion is Love or the album? I am waiting, the fans are waiting.”

Legion in Stunner style, was quick to respond with an apology on YouTube a few hours later, “On behalf of Legion campaign greetings. Last night it was brought to your light that l had some cozy chats with my girlfriend’s best friend.

“I’m not going to beat about the bush, but rather go straight your point. I was immoral as a boyfriend. For that I am truly sorry to both Bibiana and my fans. Some of you anticipate this to be an album gimmick. I do not blame them because many artists have tried that before.

“…so now l guess the million dollar question is, what’s next for Legion? We all have seen relationships and conflicts that bring down some artists’ careers, well ask Roki about it…” he said.