Respected political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s bid to remain in power beyond 2028 will not be easy for him.

President Mnangagwa’s term in office ends in 2028, but he is believed to be planning to extend it into 2030 and beyond.

“The 2030 bid wont be a walk in the park. It will will be thorny and full of traps and a BIG EVENT is possible.

“Ultimately the military factor will be the decisive factor, power block. There shall be gnashing of teeth,” he says.

Generation 40 (G40) kingmaker Saviour Kasukuwere is on record saying Mnangagwa’s 2030 bid won’t succeed.

“The 2030 madness being proposed in some quarters is unacceptable and will be resisted.

“This level of political adventurism and abuse of the constitution needs every Zimbabwean regardless of political affiliation to fight it together with others. 2030 will never happen, never,” said Kasukuwere.

Apparently, G40 elements are believed to be deep rooted in the ruling party ZANU PF and its government.

Former Foreign Affairs, another G40 member Walter Mzembi concurs saying Mnangagwa is serving his last term.

“Its time we started having a national conversation about Succession & the future of our Country.

“No guns this time, no violence, politics must lead the gun, 2017 was tragic we allowed the gun to lead politics; instead we should be agitating for unity inside Zanu PF & other parties not outfoxing each other through perennial self serving restructuring, recalls, annihilation of dissenting voices.

“ED is his in his last term and that is constitutional, the best present he can give Zanu PF & the people of Zimbabwe is to unite the Party and by extension the Country ( Zve2030 izvo madzimudzangara hazvibudi).

“Its time to move towards restorative politics far away from retributive politics, the last few days have convinced those with the interests of the country at heart that the President is merely a man of flesh and blood and is getting on (akura), no sane person can miss the cognitive decay which we saw in Mugabe at 92 visibly apparent in Mnangagwa at 82.

“No amount of Airport Rallies ( Mugabe style ) can improve a leader’s faculties and mediocrity.

“My message is directed at my brethren in and outside Zanu PF, in and outside the country, who believe like me that change will start from inside Zanu PF itself before it assumes national proportions that we must not walk the road of other withering liberation movements because we failed to renew ourselves, we failed to push meritocracy and mordenize Zanu PF.

“Zvekuswera muchiti pasi nanhingi izvi is retrogressive, tirikudzokera kumashure. Nyika inovakwa nemunhu wese, the best brains and minds being allowed to lead, kwete kuvenga njere!”