Former Radio Zimbabwe presenter Ezra Tshisa Sibanda has described Minister Sithembiso Nyoni as a heartless woman after she said Ndebeles in her constituency were not educated enough to be employed as Ward Coordinators.

Read Sibanda’s argument below:

Disgraceful, shameful and cruel Minister of Women’s Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Sithembiso Nyoni has caused resentment and anger lying that her ministry has failed to employ Ndebele people in rural Matebeleland as Ward Coordinators because they don’t have O levels.

What an insult to the people of Matabeleland from this old goat, a crazy heartless and insensitive woman. The horrible speech to Mps attending Pre-Budget seminar in Victoria Falls and read on her behalf by Acting Minister of Women’s affairs, Hon Joram Gumbo, the out of touch, clueless & irresponsible minister exposed her naivety and stupidity of the highest order. It answers why people from Matabeleland are denied jobs and opportunities because of people like her.

This was said by a lazy Minister that has never attended any government seminars or parliamentary questions and every time when there is a pre-budget seminar she travels away, obviously too dumb to answer any questions on how her ministry spends its allocated budget. This is the most useless ministry run by one of the worst ministers which delivers nothing for the people of Zimbabwe. Decades of Sithembiso Nyoni running the same ministry but Zimbabweans yet to see any tangible projects. She is simple one of the biggest flops and useless ministers ever seen in Zimbabwe and God knows why she is still in that position.

You wonder which small business is her ministry supporting? What happened to the Women’s bank? Which women or women’s groups have been empowered or benefited from her ministry? What has she done for Girl Child? Lets say her stupid claims are true, what has she done to help Matabeleland kids go to school or get scholarships in 25 years in Government? Her disgusting statement is embarrassing and l am happy both sides of the isle angrily condemned her stinking speech. MDC and Zanu PF Mps were really aggrieved by her reckless statement and lies. I am willing to give her over a 1000 jobless people from each province with 5 or more O levels in 15 minutes if she wants.

With the exit of Mugabe, whose administration had been associated with recycling ‘deadwood,’ corruption, dictatorship, many forms of injustice and inequalities, most Zimbabweans expected new blood and ‘fire’ in the new administrations but sadly deadwood like Sithembiso Nyoni who is nearly 70 years old are hanging up there with nothing to offer the country. Zimbabweans also expected ministers chosen on merit and from across the board, a more representative cabinet and a government moving away from the heavy-handedness, divisive, corruption, discrimination, tribalism, nepotism associated with Mugabe’s administration. Sithembiso Nyoni should be forced to resign for misleading the parliamentarians, the people & the country!