VP Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans not be distracted by the vilification of Government’s initiatives to revive the agriculture sector in the private media as the bumper harvest was visible for everyone to see.

Speaking during a tour of the Grain Marketing Board Lion’s Den depot, VP Mnangagwa said while others had chosen to call the highly successful Command Agriculture programme Command Ugly-Culture, President Mugabe was happy with the bumper harvest.

“Musatambura nezvinonyorwa mumapepa, mapepa anotsvaga mari kuti mutenge. Hee zvadai zvadai . . . Tarirai kuti chibagwe chacho hachimo here chero mapepa anyora. Chinenge chichingovamo mumunda macho,” said VP Mnangagwa.

“Chero mukadini mupepa, chibagwe chacho chinongokura chichingokura, chigokohwewa, chigouya kuGMB vachingotaura. Tarirai chibagwe chiri mumunda musatarira chiri mupepa.”

He said people should work together. The remarks appeared directed at Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, who has religiously condemned the programme.

“Ikozvino President varikufara zvekuti heki. Kune vakati Command Ugly-Culture, President vakati Beautiful culture. Saka handei mberi tiite zvinhu zvinotibatsira semhuri imwechete yeZimbabwe,” said VP Mnangagwa.

He said people should sit down to find solutions to common challenges. This comes amid indications the country is set to surpass previous deliveries following overwhelming support of the Command Agriculture, Presidential Inputs Scheme and individual effort.

The country expects over three million tonnes of grains. Figures so far show that Lion’s Den depot alone is 2 000 metric tonnes shy of filling the ninth silo out of 29 at the initial stages of grain deliveries.

“Kana chibagwe chava kunouko (GMB) hakusisina kuti iyi shanga ndeye Command, ndeye Presidential Inputs Scheme, chese chava chibagwe chedu,” said VP Mnangagwa. state media