Tinashe Zisengwe

The whole of Gweru was recently brought to a standstill after a vicious woman stabbed the buttocks of her 15 year old maid over allegations of stealing bread.

It is alleged that Sandra Nkomo 28 years old of Cecil Hotel Flats stabbed her maid’s left buttocks two times as well as beat her with an electric cable several times on the buttocks.

She is reported to have also hit her on the head with the heel of a shoe.

Reports are that Nkomo arrived at the house coming from work and started counting the number of slices she had left in the bread bin as she had instructed the housemaid not to eat the bread.

On realizing that the number of bread slices was falling short Nkomo stormed into the kitchen to confront the complainant and she confessed of eating the bread as she was hungry.

A furious Nkomo took a plank and hit the maid several times and continued the vicious assault with an electric cable on her back.

Sensing danger the juvenile tried to fight back but was overpowered hit again in the head with the heel of a shoe and fell down blood oozing from her forehead.

Lying lifeless on the floor Nkomo took out a bread knife and stabbed her two times on her left buttock on different positions.

The complainant reported the matter to Gweru Central Police Station leading to Nkomo’s arrest.