ZwNews-A prison situated in Zimbabwe’s tobacco farming area of Karoi is indeed a living hell for inmates who last brushed teeth years five years back only due to the shortage of toothpaste.

The prisoners’ private parts are also reportedly no longer ‘private’ as they are reportedly exposed owing to their tattered garbs.

Karoi prison accommodates 273 inmates inclusive of 10 females.

Karoi prison officer in charge, Joshua Marango appealed to well-wishers to offer a helping hand as the situation was dire.

“Our major challenges have been cooking oil, meat, salt, and clothes while we are also in need of other basics,” he said to the press.

An inmate who pleaded for anonymity said they were living at the mercy of God.

“Hard times have befallen us as we do not have any clothes, the few available garbs are tattered exposing our private parts as we are walking half-naked,” said the inmate.

Another prisoner said they last used brushed teeth five years back.

“I don’t remember when last time l brushed my teeth, but its above five years now. Life has been hell here.”