‘Sex shamed’ former vice president Kembo Mohadi who resigned recently is attending ZANU PF Politburo meeting in Harare.

As reported by Zimlive, President Mnangagwa has discussed finding him a role at the party HQ, even allowing him to stay on as second secretary at least until the next congress.

Mohadi resigned on Monday after sexual misconduct allegations, a rare move by a public official in the southern African country.

Zimbabwean news outlets have since late last month been awash with audio recordings of phone conversations allegedly of Mohadi soliciting sex from married women, including a subordinate in his office.

Mohadi resigned to save the image of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Government and allow him space to pursue legal remedies in the wake of allegations on social media that suggested immoral behaviour, claims he has vehemently denied.

He said he arrived at the decision to resign not as a matter of cowardice, but as a demonstration of great respect for the Office of the President so that it is not compromised or caricatured by actions linked to his individual challenges.

“The interconnectivity with social media ecologies have been relaying viral moral panics, peddling flames of lies, creating myths, and muddling the reality of my life as a family man,” he said during a Press briefing.

“I am a victim of information distortion, voice cloning and sponsored spooking and political sabotage. Digital media, in their hybridity, have been abused by my enemies to blackmail me, but my spirit will never die.

“Following the recurring disinformation and virilisation of my alleged immoral unions, dispensed through awkward slacktivism, I am stepping down as the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.”

-Zwnews/ Zimlive