Norton Independent Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa has told President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration that Zimbabwe is now a divided nation, with the Karangas now in power and now eating alone.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Mliswa bemoaned abuse of human rights under the so-called new dispensation, saying they are now only serving their own interests.

“In November 2017 we marched together against Mugabe as one people, but today they have forgotten. Vaakudya vega.(They are only serving their own interests),” he said.

Mliswa added: “The New Dispensation is arresting innocent people. My mother cried when I was recently arrested.”

He bemoaned the continued disrespect of the country’s Constitution, saying that was the very reason why late former President Robert Mugabe faced impeachment before he threw in the towel.

“You cannot talk about a nation when the constitution is not being followed. Former President Mugabe was impeached because he did not follow the constitution. One of the things he failed was on devolution,” said Mliswa.