THE Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) has reinstated Henrietta Rushwaya as its president after she was suspended last year following allegations that she attempted to smuggle 30kgs of gold to Dubai.

Rushwaya was reinstated today following a meeting held at Rainbow Towers this morning.

ZMF members unanimously agreed to reinstate Rushwaya with immediate effect saying her suspension was unconstitutional.

The Federation stated that the suspension was not lawful and that it is only the duty of the National Executive not of the General Council (management) to suspend her.

Rushwaya has been reinstated forthwith.


Meanwhile, fraud acciused former Minister Petronella Kagonye has been granted ZW$30,000 bail by Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje after the state did not oppose bail.

She’s accused of selling ZB bank land to cooperatives, allocating a farm to a minor and stealing 20 computers donated by POTRAZ.

Petronella Kagonye