I saw the article that was posted by @ZimMorning_Post  on Monday, 1 February, 2021 & particularly Susan Vivian Mutami’s baseless claims that I was having a sexual affair with Hon.

@TembaMliswa  whilst she never provided any proof whatsoever. 

Anyway, lies and rumours travel faster than the truth. I am appalled that as a young woman who is on her way towards building a career & a good name,

@mutami_susan decided to place entirely false allegations against me.
The way she implicated me into her havoc clearly showed a side of her that I’ll never imitate. I refuse & denounce these claims against me as I have never had and I do not have any sexual relationship or affair with Hon. @TembaMliswa.

As the S.G of YARD, my involvement (just like any other YARD member’s involvement),has been towards the consolidated support of youth initiatives by Hon.

@TembaMliswa &as a Constituent of Norton Constituency, I’ve been directly involved in Norton’s community development programs.
I now challenge and implore Susan Vivian Mutami to provide substantial proof of the allegations that she levelled against me.