Timothy Wilks a well known Youtuber was shot dead in the parking lot of Urban Air indoor trampoline park on the evening of Friday, Feb. 5 in a robbery prank gone wrong in the United States of America.

The local police say Wilks and a friend, whose identity was not disclosed, were participating in a “prank” robbery as part of a YouTube video when they approached a group of people while armed with butcher knives.

Unfortunately for the two pranksters, 23-year-old David Starnes Jr. who was carrying a legal firearm quickly pulled out his weapon and shot at what he thought were two armed robbers.


When the Nashville police arrived at the scene, Starnes Jr told the police he had had no idea it had been a J”prank” and had been acting in self-defence to protect himself and the people he was with.

Starnes Jr was not arrested and is not facing any charges at the moment. The police are investigating his claim that he shot the Youtube star in self-defence.