The intentions of sanctions on Zimbabwe may be good to stop capitalizing dictators, but the unintended consequence is that ordinary people suffer from the weakening of their economy, opposition party Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume has said.

He says sanctions don’t fix the problem of dictators, as they are just one small step, adding that it is time to re-evaluate sanction on Zimbabwe in exchange for more punitive actions against dictators.

Meanwhile, Ngarivhume says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a war criminal responsible for murdering the Ndebele people, and looting minerals during a war in the Congo.

He points out that Mnangagwa is also the head of an elaborate looting cartel plundering Zimbabwe ahead of his departure, adding that dealing with such a person should not be hard.

Apparently, Ngarivhume who is also the convener of 31st July Protests, has threatened to lead a nationwide protest against corruption.