Zanu PF Kwekwe District Coordinating Committee (DCC) Secretary for Finance, Kandros Mugabe, has sensationally claimed that he only read about his six-month suspension from the ruling party in the state-owned Herald newspaper and other publications, and fingered a camp loyal to former state security minister Owen Mudha Ncube and Local Government Minister July Moyo, for working on a sinister project to derail his parliamentary ambitions.

Speaking to Zwnews for the first time since his CV was unjustifiably dismissed at the nomination court ahead of the March 26 by-elections, Mugabe said Zanu PF did not formally communicate his suspension from the party and added that he was currently busy campaigning for the party’s Kwekwe Central candidate John Mapurazi ‘in light of the projected Five Million votes for President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the 2023 elections’.

According to earlier reports, Mugabe had been suspended alongside Energy Dhala Ncube, who is also nephew to the humiliatingly dismissed former state security minister. It was reported that the two were suspended for being responsible for the violence which led to the abandonment of the Zanu PF primary elections last year.

“I read about that (suspension) in The Herald and I have never received any formal communication from the Party about my alleged six-month suspension. Besides, I was never responsible for any violence and it is public knowledge that the disqualification of my CV was at the behest of Mudha and Minister July Moyo who have been working on a ploy to see President Mnangagwa lose the votes in Kwekwe Central. All they have been fighting for is the fall of Mugabe and nothing else”, he said.

Mugabe, who is also an Archbishop at the Zvipo ZvoMweya Apostolic Church in Kwekwe, said he was currently busy working with Mapurazi, who is expected to clash with Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidate, Judith Tobaiwa.

Added the cleric, who was touted as the right candidate to bring the dominance of the Oppoistion in Kwekwe Central to an end:

“I am a disciple of the ruling Party and I respect each and every decision that the party makes. I have managed to let bygones be bygones and move on. At the present moment, I have been moving with Comrade Mapurazi who is our candidate for Kwekwe Central. In actual fact, our main aim is to ensure that we lure the electorate to Zanu PF and our 2023 presidential candidate, Comrade Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. I am solidly behind the President and Comrade Mapurazi.”