Photo: One of Hopewell Chin’ono’s houses

Renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has given a tweep only identified as Tapiwa more than he had bargained for, saying he lives a pretty life but he cares for others.

Tapiwa invited trouble at his doorsteps when he posted: “Madam Boss live on StarFM Facebook page has broke a record of attracting 22K views .

“Saka Hopewell achaita sei?”

Chin’ono responded:

“My friend, Hopewell lives in a US$600k home, drives a Jag, Mercedes & Range Rover, has an award winning career, has a holiday home in SA, has a pension and international medical aid, doesn’t rely on ZESA or ZINWA, all his family members have homes and kids are in work.”

Chin’ono went further to say he was brought up in a way that values other people’s lives, hence he fights for others despite him running a good life:

“Because I was brought up the proper way by decent parents who taught me to care about others regardless of my comfort.

“I was taught to make sure that my compatriots are also comfortable.

“Living in comfort alone is a sign of a failed society which doesn’t look after the vulnerable.”

Meanwhile, following the blast, Tapiwa was left speechless with many followers supporting Chin’ono whom they say despite living large has shown care for others.

Chin’ono has been fighting and exposing corruption in high offices, and at times he has been arrested and jailed for doing his work.