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On 21 January 2022, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Magunje recorded a case of discovery of arms of war at Karenga Village, Chief Dendera, Hurungwe by a farmer (42) who was working on his field with an ox-drawn plough.

According to police, 507 rounds of a PKM machine gun were unearthed in a rusty box measuring about 30x25x15 cm in size.

Meanwhile, the ammunition was taken to ZNA 23 Combat Group Magunje.

In an unrelated matter, police in Gokwe are investigating a murder case where a minor (15) fatally kicked a fellow minor (15) during a kick boxing match whilst herding cattle at Gandiwa grazing lands on 20/01/22.

The victim was kicked on the groin area, fell down and started sweating.

His condition continued deteriorating and he died before being taken to hospital.