A HARARE man whipped his wife on their honeymoon day after realising that she had lied to him about being a virgin.

The man had been promised that he will be the first to ‘open the parcel’ only to discover that others have tested before him.

What incensed him most is the fact that the said woman was strict before marriage insisting that they had to wait for wedding day, the Civil Court has heard.

When Shepherd Musekiwa discovered that his wife, Patricia, was not a virgin on their honeymoon night  he jumped out of bed before bashing her several times in frustration.

H e lashed her as punishment with a whip he bought in Mbare.

“I am suffering in my marriage,” Patricia told the court. “My husband bought a whip which he uses to assault me and I have scars on my back as proof of his abuse. He is chasing me out of our matrimonial house”.

Shepherd does not agree with the allegations.

He told the court that he has never abused his wife despite “a few marital disputes that occurred”.

“The main problem is that she lied to me that she was a virgin before I married her, only to find out on  honeymoon night that she had tested it a long time ago,” Shepherd said.

Mrs Mateko ordered Shepherd to stop abusing his wife in any way and to keep peace with her at all times.