President Robert  Mugabe not dying soon before 1 April, does not need your prayers….Head of state  challenges  death prophecy!

LILONGWE MALAWI: President Peter Mutharika has blasted Nigerian  prophet TB Joshua for making money and fame out by spreading false rumours about the impending demise of Southern African presidents.

tb joshua prophecy on mugabe, mutharika death in april 2016TB Joshua recently made a rare prophecy in which he warned: “End of February to April this year, peculiar months for Southern Africa.”

This message was not received well at the Malawian State House by the head of state Peter Mutharika.

I’m told there is a Nigerian preacher who is saying that Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe and Peter Mutharika will die before April 1,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika warned that TB’s false prophecy will come to nothing as has been seen by his failure to predict tragedies at his Lagos church where many have lost their lives due to lack of health and safety  precautions.