Harare councillors are baying for the blood of city mayor Herbert Gomba who is being accused of turning down their demands of purchasing Ipads by end of month.

Gomba could by now be an unpopular figure at Town House like his predecessor Bernard Manyenyeni following his decision to throw away councillors demands for Ipads on the grounds that it is not a priority.

According to a privately owned paper, the councillors are arguing that the iPads will enable them to avoid voluminous papers documents and give them access to the latest technology. Part of the minutes of the finance and development committee read,

It is resolved that the town clerk be tasked to ensure that councillors and relevant officials are provided with I-pads by October 31, 2018.

In the United States of America, the iPads range from $300 to $900 but locally they are more expensive with some shops quoting $1200 to $2400.

However, Mayor Herbert Gomba said that he turned down the request by the councillors.  Said Gomba,

The issue to do with iPads was dealt with by myself and the town clerk, we agreed it’s not a priority, and shall be treated as such.  Good day, let me concentrate on mobilization of resources for council, to ensure the transformational plan works .

The councillors have been blamed across all sections for making material demands at such a time service delivery is quite lacking in most areas, with cholera having hit some parts of the city.

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