Dear Reader, are we even safe, as a sane Zimbabwean people, if we are to consider social media rantings from people like Killer Zivhu, seriously?

Well-meaning tweeps, opinion leaders and political commentators alike, apparently have a trait of disregarding, or ignoring social media posts attributed to the humiliatingly dismissed former Zanu PF MP for Chivi South Constituency, but the flip-flopping former legislator seems unfazed and has since warned his former colleagues of impending trouble for sabotaging President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Perennially accused of being on a failed and desperate bid to win his way back into the same Zanu PF which embarassingly disowned him some years ago, the bootlicking former legislator said time is nigh for the cabinet ministers sabotaging the 79-year old Zimbabwean leader.

Mnangagwa inherited a struggling economy after he replaced his wartime master and godfather Robert Mugabe in a November 2017 coup and his tenure of office has been charactetised by worsening unemployment statistics, poor living conditions for the majority of Zimbabwe and a weak local currency.

And, while fusing the vernacular Shona with English, Zivhu blasted Mnangagwa’s alleged saboteurs, saying:

“Ministers who are sabotaging our President, time yekurongedza zvinhu zvako it’s now”.

Zivhu also accused the Ministers of investing much of their time in intraparty divisions while derailing President Mnangagwa, who is “trying his best” to fix the country’s ever-mounting problems.

The former MP also threatened to ‘name and shame’ the Zanu PF ministers who must prepare their way out.

“Munozvizivira moga zvamunoita nezvamakaita , ED is trying his best , but imwi muri busy nezve factionalism, ndikawana anotenga 23 castle lite , ndotaura mazita handina chokutya ndakadzingwa kare”.