Political commentator, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya has taken a swipe at the government for allowing/ ordering the demolition of illegal houses during the rain season, exposing their to harsh weather conditions.

His comments come after at least 190 illegal houses were demolished by the local government in Budiriro 5 yesterday.

This saw police arresting Caleb Kadye on charges of parcelling out stands on Tembwe Housing Cooperative land about 2km from Budiriro 5 Current shopping centre.

Meanwhile, the affected families were counting losses, while battling the rains, with women and children crying and men battling to find safe and secure places for their property.

Furniture was scattered in the mud, with only a few people having managed to ferry it to safer places.

Apparently, Ruhanya in a comment directed at Permanent Secretary of Information, Nick Mangwana said this is not the right time for the action as it exposes people to harsh weather conditions.

“This is during the rainy season Why not give these human beings time to vacate say after the rains than at this moment secretary.

“This is where central gov should come in to help these people,” he says.

Commenting on the same subject, renowned investigative journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono says ZANUPF land barons illegally sell land to unsuspecting citizens hoping for urban votes, and when they don’t get the votes they demolish the houses.

“This has been happening in Harare for 20 years.

“ZANUPF land barons illegally sell land to unsuspecting citizens hoping for urban votes.

“When they don’t get the votes, Ministry of Local Government pushes council to demolish the illegal structures& blames MDC.

“Citizens must wise up,” he says.