SECURITY guards contracted to financial institutions CFI and Fidelity Life Assurance of Zimbabwe on Tuesday afternoon traded gun fire which saw four people being injured battling over Langford Estates.

The two firms are in a dispute over ownership of Langford Estates in Ushewekunze and before the matter is determined by the courts the use of gun power has been employed to settle the land dispute.

Four people were reportedly injured as the security guards representing the firms traded gunfire.

CFI Company Secretary Panganai Hare confirmed the shooting incident saying their guards had been besieged before being shot at where four people got injured.

“Langford Estates is a property which is owned by Langford Estates (1862) Private Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CFI Holdings Limited.

“There is however pending litigation regarding the said property and therefore the matter is subjudicae and l can’t comment.

“Our security guards manning the property where besieged and ambushed by an armed gang who wanted to forcibly gain access into the property and when our security resisted the illegal and unlawful invasion the gang opened fire on our guards injuring four in the process.

“We notified the police and l am sure investigations are underway,” Hare said.

Fidelity Life Assurance said the shooting incident happened between security guards contracted to provide security services at their Langford Property.

“While our issues with CFI remain in the courts. Fidelity Life Assurance invests in many properties and hire various independent security companies to provide security services on those properties on behalf of Pensioners and Policy holders.

“The alleged altercations happened between the Security Company contracted to provide security services at our Langford Property and CFI Security.

“We are clear that no Fidelity Life employees were involved in any shooting that occurred at Langford,” Gumbo said.

Gumbo confirmed of some people injured but could not ascertain the number.

“We were informed of some members of security sustained injuries but the exact details are yet to be confirmed,” Gumbo said adding that they had implored their contracted security company to act on the matter and had been are assured that they were working with the police as investigations are taking place.

Gumbo added: “The issue is before the courts however it is unfortunate that the courts have not been expedient to resolve the matter as the issue has spanned for 3 years without resolution.

“Unfortunately, the legal impasse has stopped the development of over 12,000 household units which were planned to align with the government’s National Housing Policy at the detriment of Pensioners and Policy holders.”

Gumbo said police had been notified by their contracted Security Company and the matter was with them.