Grace’s First Husband, Stanley Goreraza, opens a cane of worms..says EDM is tasting own medicine & he deserves it

Mnangagwa you are a cruel man..better die slowly and softly… something worse than poison in store for you …Mahofa got what she deserved and so will you

Stanley Goreraza|Lord forgive me but I would have felt nothing at all had VP Mnangagwa succumbed to poisoning and died.

During the time the Midlands and Matebeleland were turned into human abattoirs how exactly did Va Mnangagwa feel, being part of and leading the slaughter of thousands of defenseless civilians? How many families and homes were poisoned with grief and pain? How many people died because they could not be airlifted to receive medical treatment and attention?

How did Mnangagwa feel when he was told General Mujuru had been cremated alive, and what does he know about this vile crime? Or the disappearance of Itai Dzamara, how did he feel and what does he know?
To say he knows nothing about all the crimes against humanity Zanupf has committed would be a lie and to also say he has never been part of these crimes, also another lie.

And now he wants sympathy? From whom? From his victims!
You have some nerve Mr Mnangagwa, some nerve. Now you know how it must feel to be targeted for death. Karma is knocking at your door. Who do you want us to ask what happened in 2008? Who do you want us to ask what happened to Itai Dzamara, when you would boast you are excellent at killing because you received excellent training in killing? Now the hunter becomes the hunted, the predator the prey!

If you had died it would have been natural justice and don’t you think God spared you because he supports you and your bloody history, No. He’s probably stewing you, so that you die slowly and softly. He probably has worse than poison in store for you.

Mahofa got what she deserved and so will you. You clapped your hands when many were being killed. You came up with the cruel idea of Murambatsvina, oh yes some of us know it. You gave Mr Mugabe all the bad ideas which resulted in deaths and assured him “Ndokutonga kwacho”

Manje nyama ye garwe inonaka ende hainetse kubika. Garwe rinodya asi iro rinodyiwawo zvakare. Rinotobatidzirwa choto, rorodzerwa mapanga, poitwa mabiko iro raimbotonga mumvura. Mumvura ndimambo. Kunze kwe mvura inyama.

Vawaiuraya navo nhasi Voda kukuuraya woda tsistsi kubva kune vawaiuraya?

stanley goreraza