Politburo, Central Committee Meet as Zanu PF Fight for Post Mugabe ‘Paradise’

President Mugabe’s ruling party, Zanu-PF, will hold two crucial meetings on Wednesday and Friday this week to steady the party as some members push for young and fresh blood to take over  from Mugabe.

First,the party’s Politburo will meet tomorrow in Harare followed by the Central Committee on Friday. The Central Committee is the party’s highest decision making body in-between congresses.

“We have the two important meetings, starting with the Politburo on Wednesday, and the Central Committee will meet on Friday,”said meeting organiser Mr Ignatius Chombo.

“Members are expected to attend and must be seated by 10am as usual,” he added.

Chombo refused to speak about the agenda as he fears starting succession debates as the revolutionary party struggles to find a suitable successor to their 92 year old leader

Sources, however said, these meetings are ‘ do or die’ situation for the  party deputy leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is on the firing line as First Lady Grace Mugabe has already mobilised support to call for a female deputy president at the expense of VP Mnangagwa.

There are reports that Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction is now ready to deal with the rival lacoste faction(belonging to VP ED Mnangagwa) once and for all.

“Forget about Harare demonstrations, that is for the police and courts, its all about Mugabe’s retirement and who takes over,” said a party insider on condition of anonymity.