A SEEMINGLY unremorseful Mutasa man who let his family live in abject poverty and incessant torment from several goblins he allegedly possessed has been ordered by Chief Mutasa to take the lead in cleansing the homestead.

The underworld creatures were allegedly acquired as luck charms by Neverson Teterai of Mukanda Village.

However, instead of bringing riches, the goblins became a nuisance.

They tormented his two sons and their families and stripped them off their wealth.

The ravaged family complained of the physical and emotional abuse that the goblins have caused before Chief Mutasa during a court hearing held last Saturday.

Among other mishaps, the goblins allegedly drove Neverson’s late son, Tendai, to murder his friend and the family is now battling to contain an avenging spirit (ngozi).

The spirit has allegedly caused several deaths in the family.

Neverson’s son, Henry, told the court that he and his brother, Fidelis, went to his uncle, Alexio Teterai, to seek help about their father’s goblins.

He said because of the mishaps that are happening in their immediate families, they needed someone to help them coerce their father to consult traditional healers.

In an interview with The Weekender, Neverson’s younger brother, Alexio confirmed Henry’s story. He said his brother’s children knew no peace.

“Their children and wives are being tormented by their mother who is trying to initiate them into witchcraft while Neverson’s goblins torment his sons,” he said.

“They are being tormented by their father’s goblins day in day out and they were left with no option but to consult traditional healers. They then came to me and asked if I could help coerce their father to go with us to consult healers.

“Together with Neverson in Harare, we consulted white garment prophets and traditional healers and we found out that he had goblins. Each time he was asked why he had the goblins he said when he got them they were just luck charms. He also said that he did not know that they were goblins then and that they only turned into goblins after he had taken them home.

“His children then asked on the way forward and they agreed that the prophets would come to Mutasa from Harare to come and cleanse the homestead.”

However, when Fidelis and Henry came with the prophets to Mutasa, Neverson was nowhere to be found. Instead, the prophets put their pegs (hoko) at his homestead in his absence but in the presence of his two sons.

At court, Chief Mutasa ordered Neverson Teterai to unite with his family, help find the root of the problems that his married children are facing and cleanse the family homestead in Mukanda Village.

The bitter Neverson, who was incensed that the matter had been reported, insisted that Alexio must remove the pegs from his home.

“You should come and collect your pegs (hoko). I cannot walk freely at my homestead because of those pegs. They are causing me pain, they should be removed, “ he said.

Chief Mutasa dismissed Neverson’s case against his brothers, sisters and their children in which he was accusing them of wrongfully labelling him a wizard.

He had sued Lawrence Mukanda, David, Constance, Alexio, Raymond, Steven, Maidei and Virginia Teterai.

Chief Mutasa also ordered him to pay $2000 as transport costs to Alexio.