President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Spokesperson George Charamba says there should be a different approach in dealing with robberies involving large sums of money.

He says it bogles the mind that people could stash cash in houses when it is the mandate for banks to keep money.

“I think we should be inching towards a situation where both villains and victims in armed robberies involving huge stashed amounts must face arrest.

“How is it lawful to stash huge amounts of forex when we have banks??” He asks.

His comments came at the time people are losing huge sums of money to robbers.

In most cases such money would be stolen from victims’ houses cars, business premises.

Meanwhile, according to police some of these monies are proceeds of crime.

Apparently, some Zimbabweans hate putting money in banks because of unsustainable ledger fees.

Others say once one puts their money in the bank they will not be able to get it back when they need it.