Former military intelligence officer Cde Never Maswerasei says for Zimbabwe to start functioning normally like any other country, all criminals should be sent to prison first.

Cde Maswerasei who is based in Namibia, through his X handle Windhoek Cables Network, says corruption in Zimbabwe has become normal such that perpetrators are no longer ashamed of their deeds.

“For Zimbabwe to begin to function like any normal country, we will have to agree that all criminals will have to be sent to prison.

“Things have gotten so worse that they are no longer ashamed of displaying opulence achieved through robbing the state. At some point it will have to stop,” he says.

He adds that after a looting spree people went to host a feast.

“After every looting spree, you see them at Statehouse dinner dances tongue in cheek with the illegitimate occupant there. The nation of Zimbabwe cannot survive with this kind of leadership.

“Something will have to give in this lifetime. Misodzi yevanhu ichave minamato kunaMwari,” he adds.

Cde Maswerasei goes on to say in Namibia, two former ministers who robbed the the Namibian state through what came to be known as the Fishrot Scandal are still in jail from October 2019.

“In Zimbabwe such criminals are awarded further tenders in which they inflate prices so much that the coffers are left empty,” he says.