UZ Prof’s Wife Married by Cult Member On Burial Day

The unfolding saga surrounding the mysterious demise of Professor Itai Muwati took a startling turn as a relative alleged that he was fatally assaulted by henchmen associated with Madzibaba Ishmael, with the cult leader purportedly overseeing the brutal attack.

According to the claims, the late professor’s widow was reportedly abducted by one of Madzibaba Ishmael’s closest followers, while Muwati himself was allegedly buried while still alive.

Residing at Madzibaba Ishmael’s shrine in Nyabira, Muwati had apparently made the decision to distance himself from the cult before the tragic incident occurred, as stated by some of his relatives.

Following the revelation of a postmortem report, delivered to the family two years after Muwati’s passing, indicating poisoning as the cause of death, the family asserts their long-standing efforts to obtain this crucial document were repeatedly thwarted by authorities at Nyabira Police Station.

In a bid to uncover the truth, the family proceeded to exhume Muwati’s remains from the shallow grave at the shrine where he was hastily buried.

Now, the family is actively seeking the recovery of assets they claim belonged to the late professor, including a herd of 30 cattle, two vehicles, and a grinding mill.

As new details emerge, family members, including Tichie D Madiwanashe, express their anguish and determination to seek justice for Muwati’s untimely demise.

Madiwanashe revealed harrowing details of the alleged assault, implicating individuals such as James Takavengwa Gwenzi, Rinos Kabunu, and Devlodge Phibion Katsande, alongside Madzibaba Ishmael himself. Additionally, he accused Byton Andrew Muganhu of seizing the professor’s household property and of taking his wife on the day of his burial.

Gwenzi, Katsande, and Madzibaba Ishmael are reportedly facing charges related to the incident.

The intricate web of allegations paints a disturbing picture of betrayal and violence within the context of the professor’s association with the cult, leaving family members determined to pursue justice and bring closure to the ordeal.