A  young man returned from prison  to find his wife nursing a three-day old child that had been fathered by a married man.

Eneti Nyuke, 30, woman was forced to leave her matrimonial home on the return of her husband Kelvin Chaipa, 32, and she went to live in a polygamous union with the married Never Mapisa.


Chaipa served 22 months at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison for theft and Nyuke stopped visiting her husband when she became pregnant.

Chaipa, a plumber told H-Metro that he could have returned to prison for murder after he got a shock of life to see Nyuke nursing a three-day old baby upon his release.


Eneti Nyuke and Chaipa at prison during Prison family day week

“Prison is not a good place at all and I regret committing crime that paved way for my wife to give in to a married man following my conviction,” said Chaipa.

“My wife had been visiting me in prison every fortnight and she stopped eight months before my release.

“She had been impregnated by Mapisa and upon my release I found her nursing a child and I forced her to pack her belongings and leave for her husband.

“She is now living with Mapisa as second wife in Eastview and I nearly stuck her with an iron bar but I feared to return to prison for murdering her.

“I am thinking of consulting a sangoma because I am hurt and failing to forgive Mapisa and my wife over their unholy marriage.

“Ndakaonda nekurwadziwa zvekuti nezvigunwe zvangu zvakatetepeka ndapera mafuta ese nekurwadziwa wangu,” said Chaipa showing photographs of him and Nyuke they posed for at the Prison Family week.


One of Nyuke’s younger sisters confirmed the breaking down of the marriage saying Mapisa could have physically assaulted his wife.

“Nyuke is now living with a married man and she came here to inform me about their differences with Chaipa,” she said refusing to identify herself.

“Chaipa arrived home at around 10pm and found my sister with a new baby and it did not go well with him.

“She was forced to leave the house with the three-day old baby at night and she went to the responsible father where she is living as a second wife.

“I can lead you to where she is living now,” she said.

Upon arriving at Nyuke’s new house, the latter refused to entertain H-Metro for their side of the story.