ZBC Radio DJ, Erick Knight “The General” writes responding to a story alleging that he fathered a child with a Smallhouse who is now making all sorts of noise on social media to get his attention.

His full response:

Hello Zimbabwe!

Satan at it again for the umpteenth time! I’m told some person on social media who is cooking nice stories that she goes out with me and is expecting The General’s baby.

She has nicely cut out one of my many pictures off Facebook and blended it with some chats.

The phone number used is one of my numbers that people share with each other as they request us to participate in their functions

Please ignore that lunatic. I don’t even know who it is and where the person is.

These are the days of social media tomfoolery. Photoshop even voice projection is doctored nowadays.

God bless Zimbabwe! God bless Africa!

Eric knight